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Carolina Rozensztroch

Meet Carolina Rozensztroch

Carolina Rozensztroch began her career as a modern dancer and has been a professional dancer and teacher for fifteen years. In her country, Argentina, Carolina devoted herself to study Tango with the great masters. She absorbed the essence of Tango by dancing at the many Milongas in Buenos Aires.

Before moving to San Francisco in 2006, Carolina lived in New York City for eight years. In addition to performing and dancing in NYC, she implemented the Argentine Tango Classes at Fashion Institute of Technology’s Recreation Department (State University of New York). Carolina also created a successful Tango school at the Aurora Studios where she taught students from around the world.

Following Carolina’s move to San Francisco, she has developed a comprehensive Argentine Tango class series at both Barrio Tango Studio and Slovenian Hall, and has been a special guest teacher at The Metronome Dance Center, as well as other tango venues throughout the Bay Area. Presently Carolina teaches with Christy Cote at La Pista and with Gary Weinberger in Noe Valley.

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