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(8 minutes, 4 dancers)

Embrace was created using the language of tango. Though it originated in Argentina, this language is ‘spoken’ throughout the world.  Tangueros truly consider the dance a conversation. Within the circle of an embrace, the leader ‘speaks’ a movement. The follower listens and responds with her own movement. And so the dialogue begins…In Embrace, each dancer engages in multiple conversations: with herself, with various partners, with a group and with the audience.

*This piece is the most widely performed in Tango Con*Fusión’s repertory. Its premiere at two significant venues in the Buenos Aires tango circuit represented pioneering firsts for women in tango: Confitería Ideal (2nd Annual Festival Internacional de Tango Queer/ Buenos Aires 2008 – said to be the first time an all-female tango company performed at this longtime tango venue) and Niño Bien (12th Annual Congreso Internacional de Tango Argentino, or CITA, 2010 – the first time an all-female tango company performed, as featured performers, at CITA).

Music: Astor Piazzolla ~ Bailongo (1:44), Prologue (Tango Apasionado) (1:45) & Street Tango (4:12)

Choreography: Pier Voulkos, Debbie Goodwin, Chelsea Eng, Christy Coté & Michelle Loughlin