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Emblems of society’s conflicted feminine ideal, corsets figure prominently in fashion’s past and present. Dualistic in nature – they historically constricted the wearer to the point of broken ribs, yet even today are praised for their positive impact on posture. They bind the wearer to a near inhuman silhouette, yet consumers choose them for their sex appeal, often with S&M overtones. Light and innocent in some incarnations, they can also take on a dark, Gothic or steampunk sensibility. In Escualo, Tango Con*Fusión explores the corset as a symbol of manipulation – by forces both external and from within oneself. When and how does the ‘corseted’, the target of control, resist and break free?

    Tango Con*Fusión's Escualo 2013




(3:37 minutes, 3 dancers)

Music: Astor Piazzolla

Choreography: Debbie Goodwin, Chelsea Eng & Christy Coté

Costuming: Rina Gendelman